We are redefining clinical studies

We have built an incredible team of experienced people that share our passion for disruptive technology and vision of a new digital landscape. Above all, we are creating an environment where every person can grow, learn, and add value to the future foundations of our company. From idea to a product and a full ecosystem, we are creating enviorment where everyone can succeed.


Developing & redefining Clinical Studies requires expertise from a wide spectrum of fields.

Our Story

We started our journey in 2014. And from the very beginning, we were focused on medical research and clinical studies. Our expertise comes from working alongside some of the industry-leading companies in the domain of medical technology and research.

Our main expertise lies in:

We developed an industry leading platform for clinical adjudication and eligibility. Adjudication and eligibility steps play one of the key roles in the clinical trials process.

Platform is built to support any charter design and blinding rules due to its highly customizable nature and modularity. It can be used for a variety of therapeutic areas including pulmonology, cardiovascular, gastroenterology, MSK, neuro and other.

One of our biggest areas of experience lies on medical imaging where we work on different solutions used to acquire DICOM files, analyze, process, and transform them, followed by quality control, reading and scoring.

Medical images are visualized with best in the class viewer offering advanced visualization, manipulation and reading capabilities.

Our team specializes in Clinical Data Management and Clinical Data Programming. In direct collaboration with Sponsors, by reviewing data and identifying errors/inconsistencies we help ensure accuracy and consistency of clinical databases according to the study protocol.

By using SAS language we transform and prepare clinical data for transfers and analysis.

Machine learning and AI changed the world and are pushing the boundaries of what is possible. And in the same way, they are changing clinical trials as well.

We are developing and tuning different machine learning models used to improve and speed up all steps of the clinical trial process. Starting from validating the submissions to providing additional information for quality control and other processes.

Currently, we are team of 70 hard-working experts from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Russia and Ukraine, but there is always place for a new additions.





We work with:

Our way


Our vision is to bring medical research, studies, and data easy to use to our users.


Our process is focused on complete product life cycle. From idea to finished solution and with no skipping steps in between.

“We would say that our biggest strength comes from our employees, that’s why we put ...”

Creating a company culture that will make us a great place to work is one of our biggest goals.

We encourage each of our employees to grow and widen their knowledge. We give our people the freedom to be right or wrong, to succeed or to even fail, as that’s the only way to succeed. 4Create support friendly relations between colleagues, and we as a company will always take part in helping to achieve great camaraderie.

With our company you can count on:

Education & Growth

At 4Create we are offering paid courses, mentorship and in company pathways were our employees can easily develop themselves, no matter what position they currently held.

Positive Motivation

Making mistakes is part of the job. Today’s mistake means success tomorrow. We will encourage each of our employees to use that as motivation for some future times.

Friendly Support

You can count on our HR team or any other colleague to always be available and to give professional or personal advice that can help our employees to become an even better version of themself.

Team Building

We care that our employees practice balanced work/life relation. That’s why we frequently offer team buildings, and getting all team members together. Whats the work without fun right?

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